Bearly Alive
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Despite having developed games for years prior to this, Bearly Alive was actually my first team on which I was the project lead. It was also my first project with a team of greater than five people (we started with nine people total). That being said, much of what I learned in this project was in communication and leadership. I attempted to emulate what I saw in previous leaders that made me feel comfortable and we ended up making a great game. We even won the Game Creation Society popular vote for that semester!

Unfortunately, while I tried my hardest to give my teammates as much creative freedom as possible, they ultimately still regarded the completed game as "mine" - in their eyes, they had simply helped but not adopted the game as their own. This was disappointing to me, as it was clearly a team effort and I couldn't have done it myself. One thing that I think added to this was that the core idea for the game was originally my own. For any future teams I lead, I will try to incorporate team ideas into the final product so that we can all feel like we not only made a game but made the game we all wanted to make.