Home Alone

This project was the first time I tried to develop an experience for VR that wasn't exactly a game. I'm happy with the way the story came out, but there were certainly plenty of bumps along the way. My team started as an already small group of three people with me on sole programming duty. Unfortunately, our 3D artist decided to split off and work on her own project for the semester. The remaining sound designer didn't know any 3D art, so I ended up doing programming, animation, and some modeling as well. We used Google Poly where we could, but it was still a massive undertaking for me.

Besides having to do the art, the main struggle for us on this project was making the experience actually scary. Of course it's not hard to make someone jump just by playing a loud sound and flashing something in their face, but we wanted to go for a more subtle approach. The creepy laughter, spiders crawling across the floor, eerie green fog, and overall darkness of the room were all attempts by us to create this unsettling feeling. Evidently we did a successful job because every participant was thoroughly spooked.