Lemmings VR

Unfortunately, Lemmings VR was a project that I was personally not very invested in. Not only was it the first project I worked on where I had no part in coming up with the idea for the game, but all of the other people on my team already knew each other, which was an uphill battle for me during disagreements. The creation of this game was pretty straightforward. The producer came in with an idea laid out and we implemented it as he saw fit.

The biggest struggle of this project was getting along with my teammates. One specific example I remember was determining what our control scheme should be. Together, we came up with a job picker that would fit on one hand, but this is where we diverged. My team lead had originally wanted the player to select each job using the track pad, thus only requiring the left hand to switch jobs. My idea was for the right hand to reach over and manually select which job the player wanted to place. Ultimately, we decided that the best solution would be whichever one was more intuitive for a naive guest. We implemented both ideas and playtested the game. What we found was that a completely naive user was almost guaranteed to use the second method, but once told that they could use the trackpad, the preference was split. We ultimately decided to leave both control schemes in since they weren't mutually exclusive, but this process of getting user feedback was really helpful in gaining insight into our playerbase and mitigating any conflicting ideas between team members.