Peppo started as a game I helped develop for the Global Game Jam in a weekend called Doodly Pets. In that game, you would also take care of a pet, but you could only do so by drawing the pet's food requests. It would detect the shapes and colors you used in your drawing to tell if you drew the correct food and would feed the pet only the proper foods. This evolved into a semester long project with many more minigames including the food drawing.

This project was my first semester long development cycle, so gauging our progress and staying on track was difficult for us. Because we had four programmers and only one artist, each programmer worked on a different scene at once. This worked well until it came time to tie everything together and there was no infrastructure for that yet. Much of that ended up falling on me to link up the 2D world with the already developed Looking Glass minigames.

Using this new technology was definitely cool, but having to always carry around a hunk of glass was a pain, both mentally and physically. That being said, the kinds of things I want to work on are the size of entire rooms, so I should at least be grateful I could take this one home!