David Morales

Software Developer
Experience Designer
Video Game Enthusiast

Currently a student at Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2016 to Spring 2020

Graduating with a BS in Computer Science and minors in Physics and Game Design

My Projects (Click each title to learn more)
Game Description Preview
A Very Hard Game (Playable in browser!) A simple 3D platformer. Use WASD to move and Space to jump. Collect all the coins and reach the portal at the end to progress.
X-tend (Playable in browser!) A 2D puzzle platformer. Use the arrow keys to move and WASD to extend your arms in all four directions. Hold shift and press WASD to retract your limbs. Reach the door on the right of each level to progress.
How to Save Sayori (Playable in browser!) A basic 2D clicker game. Rescue Sayori from her rainclouds by clicking them away.
Sawblades A virtual reality game for Vive. Clear all the trees by throwing sawblades at them. Try to clear as many as you can before the sun goes down. Watch out for the deer!
Lemmings VR A virtual reality game for Vive. A take on the classic game Lemmings done in 3D space in virtual reality.
Osu!Shooter An extension for the popular rhythm game Osu! that turns the game into a first person shooter. This project made use of found media and all assets besides a few code snippets were borrowed with permission from other sources to create a new experience.
Peppo An augmented reality game for the Looking Glass. Adopt your own peppo and play minigames with it to earn coins to trade in for hats or furniture.
Home Alone Ain interactive story for Vive using Leap Motion. A teenage boy wishes his parents would stop bugging him. The magic mirror makes his wish come true.
Bearly Alive A virtual reality game for Vive. You are a bear. Campers have taken over your forest. You know what to do.
Other Projects
Project Description Preview
Scotty3D This animation was made using Scotty3D, a 3D rendering and animation software developed by students of the Computer Graphics course at CMU. All figures in this video were sculpted (excluding the initial human), animated, and rendered using code written by me. (You might want to turn down your volume for the video.)
Farming Simulator One of the minigames developed for the Peppo game featured above. Because Peppo included so many minigames, we built them modularly. Here is a closer look at just one of the minigames I worked on.
Spikes This full project doesn't have a specific title, but this video shows my contribution to an animation project involving an argument between two people. As one person shouts angrily, their head produced outward-facing spikes whose size are dependent on how loudly the shouting is. The individual being yelled at experiences the same, but with the spikes facing inward.
Split Eye Experiments This basic prototype was an experiment in casting different images to both eyes of a VR headset. Some objects, like the walls, can be seen by both eyes, where objects like the orange cube and the pink cube can only be seen by the left eye and the right eye respectively. Nevertheless, all objects collide with each other in both eyes despite the user not seeing them.